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Ailbhe Goodbody spoke to Ben Williams, CEO and president of EPC Canada, about the rebranding of Nordex Explosives to align with the EPC Groupe

Brand new Brand new Brand new Brand new Brand new

EPC Canada’s practice is to embed itself into its customers’ blasting teams

What led to EPC Groupe acquiring Nordex Explosives in 2016, and how has it benefitted the company?

The EPC Groupe is a truly international business, with interests spreading across five continents. However, until 2016 we did not have a presence in Canada. The acquisition of Nordex Explosives has provided the Groupe with the ideal opportunity to expand its influence into one of the world's largest mining sectors, which produces more than 60 minerals and metals.

The EPC Groupe now has direct access to this market and is the only recognised Canadian manufacturer with its own technology. Our packaged explosives are made in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, whereas our competitors import their equivalent products into Canada. It is also a positive move for our curre...