Up to grade

Carlos Lazo, application specialist, motor graders at Caterpillar, tells Ailbhe Goodbody about the important function of motor graders in keeping haul roads maintained

Up to grade Up to grade Up to grade Up to grade Up to grade

A front view of the Cat 24 motor grader

Why is the management of the condition of haul roads at mine sites so important?

Haul road design, construction and maintenance have a huge impact on truck haulage cycle efficiency, costs and production. Design factors, including road materials, grades, curve designs and traffic layout play critical rolls in efficient truck haulage.

But proper maintenance of roads - to ensure smooth surface conditions, low rolling resistance and consistent grades - is equally important to achieving lowest cost per tonne of material hauled.

As an example of the importance of haul-road design and maintenance, a 5% increase in rolling resistance can result in as much as a 10% decrease in production and 35% increase in production cost. Though 5% rolling resistance...