PolyMet project under microscope

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has released for review and opened up a public comment period regarding dam safety and public waters work permits for the PolyMet NorthMet copper-nickel project
PolyMet project under microscope PolyMet project under microscope PolyMet project under microscope PolyMet project under microscope PolyMet project under microscope

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PRESS RELEASE: The permits for the proposed mine near Hoyt Lakes in northeastern Minnesota include a first draft dam safety permit, which includes the site’s planned flotation tailings basin to be located on the site of its existing tailings basin historically used by the LTV iron ore mine.

The second draft dam safety permit encompasses the mine’s proposed hydrometallurgical residue facility.

The applications were first submitted to the agency in July 2016. Since then, the company has retained consultant Emmons Olivier Resources and global geotechnical dam safety experts to assess the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the planned dams.

The DNR noted that PolyMet also submitted an application for a public waters work permit in May. It has since completed a comprehensive review of the filing to create the draft public waters work permit.

Comments on the permits can be submitted through October 16 via email or by mail to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in St. Paul. Commenters should include the words “NorthMet Dam Safety” or “NorthMet Public Waters” in the title of their comment emails or letters.

The permits can be viewed here

In addition to the newest permits, PolyMet still needs another nine DNR permits, as well as several other state, federal and local permits and approvals.

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