Solvay app boosts copper solvent extraction

Speciality chemicals company Solvay unveiled SolvExtract, an app-based digital platform for solvent extraction operations, to the mining industry at this year’s SME Annual Conference and Expo
Solvay app boosts copper solvent extraction Solvay app boosts copper solvent extraction Solvay app boosts copper solvent extraction Solvay app boosts copper solvent extraction Solvay app boosts copper solvent extraction

According to Solvay, SolvExtract connects chemistry and operational insight to make copper solvent extraction more efficient

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Solvay said SolvExtract is the first of its new digital solutions for mining operations and "the only digital platform today dedicated to reagent optimisation".

The platform enables data flows between a mining operation and Solvay's proprietary solvent extraction (SX) modelling software, MINCHEM. Using this software, Solvay personnel are able to monitor key variables of the SX plant, such as copper recovery and copper transfer, comparing actual values and trends to model predictions, to identify and analyse deviations.

Leveraging a dashboard, custom alerts and expert analysis, Solvay said it quickly notifies plant operators when issues arise and offers recommendations through the platform. Via SolvExtract, plant personnel can engage in dialogue with Solvay to support continuous improvement and enhance the quality of future suggestions.

"As available ore grades decline, mines are looking for ways to maximise the amount of copper extracted from each tonne of ore," explained Chuck Price, executive vice president of Solvay's Mining Solutions business.

"SolvExtract utilises a new generation of data-gathering and analytics capabilities -- along with Solvay's reagents, applications expertise and customer feedback -- to help SX plants reach their true potential."

The platform is already in use at Chilean copper producer Codelco's Gabriela Mistral plant.

Codelco's innovation director, Rodrigo Benavides Oswald, commented: "SolvExtract has helped the Gabriela Mistral plant validate operational performance and will support us in identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.

"Through SolvExtract, Solvay has proven to be a partner to the plant by providing deeper, more frequent insight, which has positively influenced our daily decision-making."

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