EnviroGold Global begins OTCQB listing process

EnviroGold aims to accelerate the world’s transition to a circular-resource economy
EnviroGold Global begins OTCQB listing process EnviroGold Global begins OTCQB listing process EnviroGold Global begins OTCQB listing process EnviroGold Global begins OTCQB listing process EnviroGold Global begins OTCQB listing process

Canada-based clean technology company EnviroGold Global has begun the process to obtain a cross-listing on the OTCQB, the mid-tier OTC equity market for US stocks.

EnviroGold aims to accelerate the world's transition to a circular-resource economy, and to create shareholder value while establishing environmental, social and governance (ESG) market leadership by remediating mine and industrial waste, while reclaiming high-value commodities.

The company has filed Form 211 with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the US government-authorised not-for-profit organisation that oversees US broker-dealers.

It is advancing towards achieving all requirements to obtain an OTCQB listing in the December 2021 quarter. The company stated that it believes the achievement of an OTCQB listing will advance its objectives of strengthening, growing and diversifying its shareholder base. It continues to maintain its listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Other operational highlights the company emphasised include its listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange, which it said will pave the way for accelerated organic and acquisition related growth; the appointment of Dr Mark Thorpe, the current chairman of the Canadian Mining Innovation Council (CMIC) board, as CEO and member of the board of directors of EnviroGold Global; the appointment of Philipa Varris, one of Women in Mining UK's Top 100 women in mining, to the company's board of directors; and the inauguration of the company's strategic and technical advisory committee, which it said would significantly enhance the company's access to knowledge, perspective and expertise in mission critical domains.

EnviroGold also began site operations at its Buchans River Delta reclamation project in Newfoundland, Canada in September. The company plans to commission recovery and clean-up operations at the site in 2022, which it said will advance its environmental and economic objectives.

Earlier this year, EnviroGold announced that it was considering a potential acquisition of equipment and intellectual property assets owned by Hydrus Technology Holdings (HTX). However, the company has concluded its due diligence and concluded it will not be proceeding with the acquisition.

Dr Mark Thorpe, CEO of EnviroGold Global, commented: "We are very proud of the hard work our team has delivered, that successfully positions our company to execute its strategic plan and position it for the next level of strategic growth. We are confident in our ability to continue to drive accelerated growth and achieve our strategic objectives and will continue to build on this momentum for the remainder or 2021, 2022 and beyond as we improve our shared ecosystem, produce metals without mining and accelerate the world's transition to a circular resource economy."

EnviroGold said it is strategically positioned to earn and maintain social licence while capitalising the estimated US$1 trillion in valuable commodities residing in target waste streams globally.