Connected crushing with Sandvik CH800i

Sandvik’s new CH800i series of premium connected cone crushers includes a range of performance upgrades and works together with the My Sandvik portal
Connected crushing with Sandvik CH800i Connected crushing with Sandvik CH800i Connected crushing with Sandvik CH800i Connected crushing with Sandvik CH800i Connected crushing with Sandvik CH800i

The new Sandvik CH800i series

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: The Sandvik CH800i series of connected cone crushers is the first to offer intelligent crushing based on actionable information via the My Sandvik portal. According to the manufacturer, this enables managers and operators to make decisions based on facts and see areas for improvement directly.

My Sandvik is the latest innovation in Sandvik crushers. Other automation features continuously measure and compensate for crusher liner wear, while Hydroset and the electric dump valve automatically provide overload protection to let tramp iron or other uncrushable material pass through. The Automatic Setting Regulation (ASRi) control system automatically adapts crushers to variations in feed conditions.

Sandvik CH800i comes with a range of upgrades, including a 65% stronger main shaft, and top and bottom shells that are up to 50% stronger than previous models, offering more reliability and higher availability.

Mats Dahlberg, vice-president lifecycle service stationary crushing and screening, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, said: "New, digital technologies will transform the way mines and quarries work.

"My Sandvik is the first major step in gaining insights into productivity and predictive maintenance that will drive our industry forward. It's great to offer our customers a service that will truly make a difference to their profitability."

CH800i has bolted rather than welded top and bottom shell liners to reduce maintenance time and add greater safety. Since no welding is needed when changing liners, the process is up to 90% faster.

The new CH800i crusher system can be purchased as a completely new crusher, or you can choose a Sandvik Reborn solution, replacing an existing crusher for a new one and reutilising existing auxiliaries and infrastructure. This plug-and-play installation minimises disruption and maximises productivity, while offering up to 40% cost savings compared to a complete crusher system.