IMS, GK sign African distributor deal

Comminution solutions provider IMS Engineering has entered into an exclusive distribution deal with General Kinematics (GK), a specialist in vibratory equipment for mining, coal handling, recycling and other industries, for the African market
IMS, GK sign African distributor deal IMS, GK sign African distributor deal IMS, GK sign African distributor deal IMS, GK sign African distributor deal IMS, GK sign African distributor deal

General Kinematics’ STM screen

Staff Reporter

PRESS RELEASE: IMS will be an exclusive distributor of GK's products throughout Africa.

Paul Bracher, managing director of IMS, said GK's products are well-suited to the challenging global economy where energy and other input costs are a major concern.

"The efficiencies created by GK products will help our customers to improve total life-cycle costs - an issue which remains one of our core focuses," he added.

GK's offering includes the Two-Mass vibratory technology, which refers to a style of vibratory equipment where one mass (an exciter) is used to drive a second mass (trough). The exciter mass typically contains a motor and is connected to a trough using a combination of springs. Combining the two masses and the springs creates a responsive sub-resonant system that can respond to changes in load without dampening performance.

The main advantage of the Two-Mass system is that it requires up to two-thirds less horsepower to achieve the same amount of work as a single mass (brute force) system. This reduction in horsepower significantly reduces energy consumption and related electrical costs. Two-Mass equipment is also more cost-effective to maintain, as belts, large motors and bearings are eliminated.

One of GK's products, its STM screen, enables users to increase screening production capacity by up to 20% even when constrained by the existing space envelope of a structure. This is achieved by multiple cascading decks increasing yet maintaining the single-deck design for full visual and physical accessibility.

"We are confident that the partnership between IMS and GK will deliver favourable results to a market which is in need of an innovative solution to both extend and enhance their plant life and to considerably reduce their total cost of ownership," said Bracher.