FLSmidth launches FerroCer 22

FerroCer 22 is a new cost-effective solution from FLSmidth that provides longer wear life than conventional panels
FLSmidth launches FerroCer 22 FLSmidth launches FerroCer 22 FLSmidth launches FerroCer 22 FLSmidth launches FerroCer 22 FLSmidth launches FerroCer 22

FerroCer 22 is designed for weight-sensitive zones of abrasion and moderate impact

Designed for weight-sensitive zones of abrasion and moderate impact, FLSmidth stated that the FerroCer 22 builds on the success of the original FerroCer impact wear panels for high-impact zones.

The matrix design of the panel construction combines the strength and malleability of steel with the superior abrasion resistance of ceramics.

The result is a lighter weight, yet stronger wear panel that is designed for smaller lump sizes than the original FerroCer. Weighing just 2.8kg each means they are ideal for areas that require lightweight wear panels, such as reclaimer buckets and screen boxes.

"The onsite results from FerroCer have been beyond impressive - frequently lasting 10 times longer than the previous market-leading solution and often beyond a full year in high material flow and high impact zones," explained Danny Baric, FLSmidth's global product line manager - wear solutions FerroCer. "We examined the reasons for this success and how we could use the same unique composition of multiple materials in other areas of the mine. For instance, by reducing the depth of the panel to 22mm, compared to FerroCer's 44mm, we came up with a lighter-weight, more versatile panel that could meet and surpass the wear demands of areas with more abrasion or moderate impact. With FerroCer Impact and FerroCer 22, we now have two incredible products that will slash downtime and avoid unnecessary production stoppages."

The extended wear time provided by FerroCer 22 can not only provide longer life and reduce the need for shutdowns to replace them but, due to their decreased weight, they can reduce the load on equipment, meaning longer overall equipment life. Yet, FLSmidth pointed out that FerroCer 22 panels generally cost less than half the price of competitors' panels.

FerroCer 22 panels meet all safety regulations for size and weight and can be lifted by one person. Their compact shape makes them safe and easy to install using only standard hand tools, thus improving workplace safety. Each panel attaches using just a single bolt and nut. There is no need for heavy lifting or welding equipment, reducing production downtime. FerroCer 22 also offers a small environment benefit as there is less casting and freight involved compared to conventional wear panels.

FerroCer 22 can be used in multiple mining and cement applications, such as chutes, hoppers and bins, guide and deflector plates, feed boxes, vibrating screen boxes and reclaimer and loader buckets.