EDI crushing it for Inception

Equipos, Desarrollos, e Inversiones (EDI) has arrived and has begun work at Inception Mining’s Clavo Rico gold project in Honduras for an operational expansion crushing circuit project
EDI crushing it for Inception EDI crushing it for Inception EDI crushing it for Inception EDI crushing it for Inception EDI crushing it for Inception

Clavo Rico's crushing circuit should be ready on or before October 30

EDI has already commenced a road expansion, run-of-mill processing, maintenance of the open pit, and tailings removal from the leach pad to the holding pad. The start-up of the crushing circuit is projected on or before October 30.

Inception noted that EDI will be excavating, hauling and crushing ore to a predetermined size under its deal, using American-made equipment. The newer, larger calibre equipment should be ideal for its expected goal of 750-1,000 short tons per day (680-907t/d) with a crushing capacity to 2,000 short tons per day (1,814t/d).

"Awarding the contract to EDI will give the company the capacity to continue our expansion and increase total tonnage to an expected 230,000 [short] tons annually," CEO Trent D'Ambrosio said, noting that the per-tonne cost is significantly lower with the new outfit.

"This expected increase will exceed the 2017 (90,356.29 short tons) and 2018 (91,931.49 short tons) rates…and will provide a more consistent crushing size, with the potential to increase recovery."

US-based Inception Mining's Clavo Rico also has a heap leach facility and on-site adsorption - desorption - regeneration (ADR) plant.