InfiNet connects Kazakh coal mines

InfiNet Wireless, a manufacturer of carrier-grade broadband wireless solutions, has deployed a high-performance wireless infrastructure for Shubarkol Komir, the largest coal producer in Kazakhstan
InfiNet connects Kazakh coal mines InfiNet connects Kazakh coal mines InfiNet connects Kazakh coal mines InfiNet connects Kazakh coal mines InfiNet connects Kazakh coal mines

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PRESS RELEASE: The new network represents a major upgrade to the IT infrastructure and the mission-critical video-surveillance platform previously used by the energy company.

The project, implemented in conjunction with InfiNet's regional partner Informsvyaz Kazakhstan (Almaty), consisted of various InfiNet Wireless solutions deployed to provide connectivity between 35 distant facilities, which cover an area of more than 75km2 within the territory of the Centralny and Zapadny open-pit coal mines.

InfiNet's point-to-point solution, the InfiLINK 2x2, provided data transfer rates of up to 70Mbps, as well as rates of up to 35Mbps for point-to-multipoint subscriber units from the InfiMAN 2x2 portfolio, with room to deliver even higher capacities in the future using the same platform.

All the wireless units deployed are guaranteed to remain fully operational even during extreme temperature ranges between -55 and +60°C. The added challenge of high levels of humidity and the presence of solid dust particles that are commonly found in the air at open-pit coal mines has been eliminated due to InfiNet's robust units and the use of a IP66-rated cameras for the CCTV element. Resistance to extreme environmental factors was crucial in the selection of InfiNet as the preferred technological partner for this project.

The current applications deployed by Shubarkol Komir are VoIP services, reliable internet access, a corporate information network, as well as a robust and secure CCTV for monitoring field industrial facilities, thus protecting the company's valuable assets even when deployed in remote locations.

Аrgyn Agzamov, deputy CIO at EurasiaTeleCom (Eurasian Group), commented: "Mining companies rely heavily on good technological platforms to ensure flawless operation and high productivity in all their sites, wherever they are located. We are always ready to implement the most complex of solutions in order to enable connectivity for hard-to-access areas and where deployment of a fibre-optic solution is too costly or simply not technically feasible.

"Deploying a wireless access network, with the added benefit of including a brand-new video surveillance system for all our quarries, has allowed us to significantly increase the amount of data, and its reliability, gathered from all our extraction sites. This has improved our productivity and our business processes."

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