Harte Gold halts flow at Sugar Zone

To ensure the health and safety of its workforce and local communities around the Sugar Zone mine in northern Ontario, Canada, Harte Gold is temporarily idling operations amid the COVID-19 crisis
Harte Gold halts flow at Sugar Zone Harte Gold halts flow at Sugar Zone Harte Gold halts flow at Sugar Zone Harte Gold halts flow at Sugar Zone Harte Gold halts flow at Sugar Zone

Harte's Sugar Zone mine went from permitting to gold production in under four weeks

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The stoppage, effective immediately, currently does not have an end date; officials said only that the mine was suspended "until further notice", with only a critical staff of 16 continuing to service the mine for maintenance, safety and environmental tasks.

"The company has formed an oversight committee to ensure an orderly demobilisation strategy is in place and the safe transportation of its workforce from site," Harte said, noting that the camp itself would also close its doors. Remaining staff will be housed separately from one another.

The miner also assured its workforce that all jobs would be secured for when normal operations could restart.

As for Harte's guidance, the company said it would be providing an update in mid-April as it couldn't provide any adjusted targets. It did note that its March quarter production had been on track before the virus to be higher than previous quarters.

Initial production guidance for 2020, released in January, outlined 42,000 to 48,000 ounces of gold.

Harte Gold holds a 100% interest in Sugar Zone, which is located in White River and began production last year.

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