Tomra goes virtual with ore sorting

As COVID-19 continues to throw up challenges for the mining sector, Tomra Sorting Mining has developed virtual testing facilities to allow informed decisions to be made remotely.
Tomra goes virtual with ore sorting Tomra goes virtual with ore sorting Tomra goes virtual with ore sorting Tomra goes virtual with ore sorting Tomra goes virtual with ore sorting

Tomra COM XRT 2.0 sensor-based ore sorters at Ma'aden's Umm Wu'al phosphate project

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The temporary Virtual Demonstration and Test Solution allows mining companies to test sorting solutions on their samples without leaving the office. To use the service, a company can just ship a sample to Tomra's test centre in Wedel, Germany, and book a session with a Tomra representative.

Once testing is complete, the client will receive a video of the sorting and can discuss findings with Tomra via video call.

"Ensuring business continuity at this time is of paramount importance for mining operations," Tomra said.

"This includes taking forward ongoing investment projects in sorting equipment to improve their efficiency and the quality of their product. [We are] leveraging digital technology to help them identify the best sorting solution for their mine."

Tomra head and senior vice president Albert du Preez said use of the virtual service allows its staff and mines to continue working closely together to devise the best solution.

"The company is leveraging digital technology not only to take the expertise of its test centres to customers, but also by using its remote service and training tools to support their equipment while respecting social distancing safety measures."

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