Rio Tinto returning to FIFO 'normal'

Rio Tinto is starting to de-escalate some of the controls it has put in place to deal with the COVID-19 crisis, including its fly-in, fly-out rosters.
Rio Tinto returning to FIFO 'normal' Rio Tinto returning to FIFO 'normal' Rio Tinto returning to FIFO 'normal' Rio Tinto returning to FIFO 'normal' Rio Tinto returning to FIFO 'normal'

Rio Tinto is looking to gradually revert back to its old FIFO rosters.

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The two weeks on, two weeks off FIFO roster it brought in for its entire FIFO workforce during the peak of the pandemic is a key part of the review with Rio Tinto looking to gradually revert FIFO rosters across its operations to what they were over the coming weeks.

Rio Tinto's Perth office, including the Central Park office is to reopen from June 2.

However, prior to returning to work staff will have to complete a pre-entry health questionnaire and being subject to temperature checks before returning to work.

There will also be social distancing requirements in the Perth offices and staggered arrival times to mitigate transmission risks.

Rio Tinto Iron Ore chief executive Chris Salisbury said the COVID-19 pandemic had changed the way the company ran its business.

"We know that we will need to coexist with COVID-19 for some time, however, without compromising our commitment to health and safety, we will slowly start to implement changes to our business in line with the easing of government restrictions," he said.

"An appropriate range of measures and controls will remain in place to keep our operations running safely, ensuring we can continue to make a strong contribution to the Western Australia and Australian economies at a very challenging time."

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