Viasat-Inmarsat merger to enable 'enhanced scope and scale'

Deal designed to create "new global leader" in satellite communications

According to an executive close to the deal, Viasat's acquisition of Inmarsat will create a new global leader in satellite communications by offering cost-effective solutions for mining and other heavy industries.

Speaking to Mining Magazine after the announcement, Mike Carter, president of enterprise at Inmarsat, said the companies' collaboration is driven by the need for "a compelling long-term industrial logic."

He said it will enable "highly complementary capabilities and geographies" when mining seeks "enhanced scale and scope."

"Together, Inmarsat and Viasat will utilise their highly complementary capabilities and geographies to deliver superior, cost-effective solutions for Inmarsat's global mobility customers, including the mining industry, well into the future," Carter explained.

Viasat, a global communications company, and Inmarsat announced the $7.3 billion deal earlier this week.

The companies said the deal would create "a leading global communications innovator" with enhanced scale and scope to connect industries globally.

The new venture will integrate both companies' spectrum, satellite and terrestrial assets into a global high-capacity hybrid space and terrestrial network, capable of delivering superior services in fast-growing commercial and government sectors, including mining.

Rajeev Suri, chief executive officer of Inmarsat, said the two companies would create "a new global player" with the scale and scope to help shape industries.

Inmarsat's director of mining innovation, Nicholas Prevost, told Mining Magazine during an interview in September 2021 that mining equipment manufacturers were leading the industry in terms of digital innovation, including the internet of things (IoT).

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