Elexon seeks geotech trial partner

Elexon Mining has expanded its range of solutions for the mining industry with Geo4Sight, a wireless subsurface monitoring system that enables mining companies to proactively manage ground stability risks
Elexon seeks geotech trial partner Elexon seeks geotech trial partner Elexon seeks geotech trial partner Elexon seeks geotech trial partner Elexon seeks geotech trial partner

Staff reporter

Manager Simon Steffen said: “For over a decade we have worked with leading specialists from mining companies and mine research organisations around the world. We identified that existing cable-based monitoring systems fall short in challenging geotechnical environments, where cables are easily and often damaged, disabling monitoring. These failures often happen when mines most need to know what is happening below the surface; at times of significant geological activity.”

The data from Geo4Sight’s wireless networked nodes can help mine operators and geotechnical engineers to manage ground stability; foreseeing possible ground failure and proactively managing it before disaster strikes is a key priority for mines.
Elexon said the Geo4Sight System complements existing surface and subsurface monitoring systems. It broadens the scope of sensor installations and improves the data that mine operators analyse when managing risks related to ground movement in their mine.

Geo4Sight is initially offered as two distinct solutions:

  • Geo4Sight Tilt: offers real-time, wireless subsurface movement monitoring. This enables mines to detect and manage ground movement to reduce the likelihood of failure, or reduce the impact of a failure, in challenging environments where traditional cable-based systems don’t perform; and
  • Geo4Sight Pressure: provides real-time, wireless pore pressure monitoring. To give mine operators greater insight into hydrological conditions in challenging environments where regular cabled systems fail or have serious limitations.

Elexon Mining wishes to engage with progressive mines and geotechnical engineers who are open to trying new technology that improves their mining outcomes. The company is offering the opportunity to work together on a trial of this new system, should site and circumstances be suitable.