RCT and RUC Cementation partnership

Smart technology company RCT and underground mining contractor RUC Cementation Mining Contractors have partnered together to further develop and deliver innovative technologies to the underground mining industry
RCT and RUC Cementation partnership RCT and RUC Cementation partnership RCT and RUC Cementation partnership RCT and RUC Cementation partnership RCT and RUC Cementation partnership

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: The global companies, backed by a combined 72 years of experience in the mining industry, have entered into a partnership that will see RCT's new and emerging technologies tested and trialled by RUC Mining at its operating contract sites in Australia and overseas.

Barry Upton, managing director at RUC Mining, said that the decision to partner with RCT came as a result of a long-held respect for RCT in terms of its technical solutions innovation, particularly in loader automation as well as its local presence and ability to work with all makes of mobile fleet.

Upton commented: “RCT provides flexibility across all OEM’s fleet offerings, and in addition, the company extends itself to broader mine information management.”

RCT's control and automation solutions are well-known for their ability to be installed on any machine type. Upton added: “This partnership aims to further build on this adaptability and realise an automated connected mine, unconstrained by the limitations of a single OEM supplier.”

Brett White, executive director and CEO of RCT, said: “What's exciting about this partnership is that we have the opportunity to collaborate directly and deeply with an innovative customer wanting to adopt our Smart Technology and make step changes in the industry.”

He added: “Having access to a mine to test is key to RCT's Proof of Concept team (PoC Works). Initially, Mt Morgans gold mine will be the proving ground to facilitate and fast track the development of relevant, fit-for-purpose solutions that will benefit RUC Mining, RCT and Dacian Gold.”

RCT and RUC Mining are looking forward to seeing this partnership come to fruition in the coming months. White concluded: “We look forward to the rolling out of our new solutions and further enhancing our existing solutions with RUC Mining’s assistance.”

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