WorleyParsons putting platinum in focus

Global consultant group WorleyParsons reports that, due to its renewed concentration on the platinum sector, it has received more than R100 million (US$7.5 million) in contracts in southern Africa
WorleyParsons putting platinum in focus WorleyParsons putting platinum in focus WorleyParsons putting platinum in focus WorleyParsons putting platinum in focus WorleyParsons putting platinum in focus

WorleyParsons has received new contracts for platinum projects in southern Africa

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The company said the change in focus, particularly in the areas of South Africa and Zimbabwe, has brought with it new and existing customers for project design and delivery assistance.

It stems, the company said, from its specialist expertise in the platinum sector and its expertise in decline shafts.

While WorleyParsons did not disclose the identities of any new clients or specifics of the financial terms, project director Ryan Illingworth did confirm that the new contracts are primarily stay-in-business projects.

"In South Africa, the projects are concentrated on the eastern, western and northern limb of the Bushveld igneous complex, with services ranging from feasibility studies to a mix of engineering, procurement and construction management," he said, adding that they include a feasibility study for various life-of-mine underground extension projects on the western limb and detailed engineering, procurement and construction supervision services on the material handling system and all other underground infrastructure for an extension at a platinum mine on the eastern limb.

Also in the country, it has been retained for detailed engineering and project management support services tied to the ongoing development of a new western limb region deep underground platinum mine. That specific project is one where the company has had an involvement for more than a decade.

In Zimbabwe, WorleyParsons' scope of platinum work includes a trade-off study for underground mine access for a new mine, as well as detailed engineering, procurement and construction supervision services for a material handling system at a new underground platinum operation.

"Both projects call for WorleyParsons' bulk materials handling expertise. For the execution work we have in Zimbabwe, we are equipped to put people on the ground," Illingworth said.

Business development director Steve Gouws said the awards it has received are thanks in part to an unparalleled, cutting-edge level of technical skill developed and honed in the field, along with its flexible, tailor-made, economically responsive solutions.

"Over the past few years WorleyParsons has consolidated and streamlined operations to align with our customers' requirements, and improvements and innovation in technology, expertise and production have allowed us to be more time-efficient, flexible and effective," he said. "While understanding and vision of a project is important, listening to the customer is key."

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