New PowerCarbide grades from Sandvik

Sandvik is adding two new carbide grades to its PowerCarbide family of drill bits. The company said this is “the most significant carbide innovation in the rock drilling industry for decades”. The new grades extend grinding intervals and service life by up to 30% compared with standard carbides
New PowerCarbide grades from Sandvik New PowerCarbide grades from Sandvik New PowerCarbide grades from Sandvik New PowerCarbide grades from Sandvik New PowerCarbide grades from Sandvik

Both new PowerCarbide grades are available immediately

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PRESS RELEASE: The new PowerCarbide grades, GC80 (Gradient Carbide) and SH70 (Self-Hardening) give users several other benefits, such as lower cost per drilled meter, less time for changing bits and improved safety.

"Sandvik was the first company in the drilling history to manufacture rock tools with cemented carbide, and is working continuously on developing new and more advanced solutions. The new PowerCarbide grades are based on an improved knowledge about the wear of the drill bit in different types of rock," said Robert Grandin, product manager for underground top hammers at Sandvik Rock Tools.

The GC80 is developed for abrasive ground conditions with high silica levels in the rock. A new, unique method makes it possible to produce buttons that are wear-resistant on the outside, while the centre provides a toughness that pushes the service life and grinding intervals even further.

The SH70, which is developed for hard, competent ground, is a grade with homogeneous properties throughout the material. SH70 is called ‘self-hardening' because the enhanced deformation hardening makes it more wear resistant as you drill with it. The surface hardness is continuously ‘refilled', which means that the hard top never wears off.

Sandvik has more laboratory capacity and human resources for cemented carbide development than any other company in the industry.

"Controlling the whole chain, all the way from our own tungsten mine to the production of drill bits, is a unique enabler for developing ground breaking rock tools," said Grandin. "Since we have the most advanced range of carbides, we almost certainly have something in our product range that is perfect for each customer's conditions."

Both new PowerCarbide grades are available from stock with selected assortments today.

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