CSIRO and Minalyzer collaborate

CSIRO has announced it will be the first research organisation in the world to have a Minalyzer Core Scanner in house
CSIRO and Minalyzer collaborate CSIRO and Minalyzer collaborate CSIRO and Minalyzer collaborate CSIRO and Minalyzer collaborate CSIRO and Minalyzer collaborate

The Minalyzer core scanner

Noel Dyson

The Minalyzer Core Scanner provides rapid non-destructive analysis of drill core in trays and other geological samples such as chips, pulps and pressed pellets. It uses an x-ray fluorescence scanner that gives multi-elemental chemical information on the sample.

The Minalyzer scanner expands the suite of existing drill core scanners available at CSIRO’s Australian Resources Research Centre in Perth, Western Australia.

CSIRO research director Dr Rob Hough said the collaboration would form part of a broader platform for drill core characterisation services available at CSIRO’s ARRC laboratories.

“We are consolidating our expertise in mineral analysis by developing a drill core library at the ARRC, which brings together technology developed for the METS [mining equipment, technology and services] sector including geotechnical and hyperspectral loggers as well as the CSIRO-developed Maia Mapper System,” he said.

“The Minalyzer Core Scanner with its XRF capability will be a great addition to this suite of core scanning instrumentation.”

Minalyze CEO Anelie Lundstrom said CSIRO was taking on an important role in bridging between new technology and the industry.
“Enhancing the geological data generated by the Minalyzer with the research capabilities and geological knowledge of the CSIRO has the potential to bring the exploration and mining industry to the next level,” she said.