GoldSpot partners with RSC for Australian market

GoldSpot Discoveries Corp is partnering with Australia-based RSC Mining and Mineral Exploration to bring GoldSpot’s technologies to the Australian mining and resource exploration sector
GoldSpot partners with RSC for Australian market GoldSpot partners with RSC for Australian market GoldSpot partners with RSC for Australian market GoldSpot partners with RSC for Australian market GoldSpot partners with RSC for Australian market

GoldSpot Discoveries is a technology company that leverages machine learning to reduce capital risk while increasing efficiency

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Under this arrangement, RSC will make GoldSpot's machine learning products accessible across the Australian mining value chain, from regional greenfields exploration through resource and reserve estimation and into active mining. For example, this includes advanced geometallurgical modelling to improve resource extraction at the mill.

Based on the results of this initial partnership, GoldSpot and RSC will explore arrangements to formalise their business relationship for the longer term.

Denis Laviolette, president and CEO of GoldSpot, said: "Since our inception, GoldSpot has invested significantly in machine learning R&D and now have almost 40 projects in various stages of development.

"As we are preparing to commercialise our more advanced stage products, RSC will be a significant pipeline to the Australian market. RSC is among the most respected mining and exploration consultancies in Australia and has active projects with more than 100 clients, a large proportion of which are Australian. The partnership with RSC only further validates GoldSpot as the leader in machine learning in mineral exploration."

René Sterk, managing director of RSC, added: "RSC has always aimed for practical geological solutions that add genuine value to all our clients' projects, and to use cutting-edge technology to provide solutions for our clients across the exploration and mining value chain. We recognise that machine learning is the way of the future and that as geologists we need to embrace it as another tool at our disposal.

"We are excited about our partnership with GoldSpot, which will enable us to provide new kinds of innovative solutions for our clients and the Australian market generally, and to access GoldSpot's cutting-edge data analytics and machine learning capabilities."

GoldSpot stated that RSC has strengths in technical geoscience-driven exploration and fieldwork, which complements Goldspot's mature research and development department and experienced practical application of novel computational techniques.

To date, GoldSpot and RSC have successfully collaborated by delivering professional development education for mining experts in Western Australia, via technical conference and training sessions. Both initiatives qualify for professional development membership credits with the AusIMM, AIG and provincial associations directed by the Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists.

RSC and GoldSpot offer solutions that include geological reinterpretations, geochemical and geophysical data processing, big data synthesis and integration, prospectivity mapping for exploration and drill targeting, 3-D geometallurgical modelling and tools to automate drill core mapping or measurements and deliver efficiency gains to routine tasks.

The strategic partnership between GoldSpot and RSC aims to provide access to new options in the data analytics space for Australian businesses eager to benefit from advanced technologies.