Getech's 3D subsurface tech persuades Nittetsu to go big in Peru

Getech, a locator of subsurface resources, has assisted Nittesu Mining to identify favourable conditions for a US$7.3 million iron oxide copper gold (IOCG) project in Peru.
Getech's 3D subsurface tech persuades Nittetsu to go big in Peru Getech's 3D subsurface tech persuades Nittetsu to go big in Peru Getech's 3D subsurface tech persuades Nittetsu to go big in Peru Getech's 3D subsurface tech persuades Nittetsu to go big in Peru Getech's 3D subsurface tech persuades Nittetsu to go big in Peru

The work for Nittetsu had two phases. The first phase involved testing a new methodology using a high-resolution 3D subsurface analysis. The second phase involved developing a favourability map highlighting areas for IOCG deposits in Nittetsu's area of interest in Peru.

These actionable insights guided Nittetsu's decision to invest in a copper project in Peru, committing around C$10 million (US$7.3 million) for a 35% stake.

This project showcases Getech's ongoing commitment to helping clients make informed decisions, optimise their investments and discover new mineral resources. 

"This technically demanding project demonstrates the power of our data and expertise to de-risk mineral exploration in any part of the world," said Richard Bennett, Getech Executive Chairman."The new approach towards identifying geological settings not only allows us to locate minerals in new search spaces but also to do so cost-efficiently." 

Shinichiro Mita, General Manager at Nittetsu Mining, added: "Working with Getech, we have delved into an innovative approach towards mineral discovery. Getech's solution for locating IOCG significantly informed our investment decision to join the Los Chapitos copper exploration project and commit C$10.1 million over three years." 

Howard Golden, Senior Advisor- Critical Minerals, at Getech, also gave this exclusive interview to Mining Magazine about the deal: 

How does your solution find areas "conducive to mineral accumulation"?

Getech employs the minerals systems approach, a systematic and analytical method to unravel the geological complexities of mineral deposits. This approach integrates proprietary geological, structural, and environmental information from every point on the Earth through geological time to create a comprehensive understanding of the processes that have led to the formation and concentration of valuable minerals. 

By examining the interactions between various rock types, fluids, and tectonic events, we can identify key indicators and mineralisation pathways. This approach aids in making informed decisions about where to explore and mine for minerals, optimising resource extraction while minimising environmental impact through a more thorough comprehension of the Earth's geological history and mineralisation processes.

For a layman, what was the "new methodology" used ?

Although the mineral systems approach has been used for decades in the petroleum industry, it is applied with increasing frequency for mineral exploration. Getech has been able to optimise the process due to its comprehensive and consistent global data, comprising more than 40,000 data layers and palaeo-reconstructions built up over three decades. 

This huge data repository is supercharged by Getech's industry-leading data analytical, geological, geophysical, and structural analysis skills. The company's experts can predict for any point on the Earth where all the genetic criteria existed at a given geological age for the formation of various types of ore deposits.  Getech also routinely performs 3D modelling of geophysical and structural data as well, modelling that was at the forefront of the Nittetsu project. 

Can you advise how you obtain data sets?

Data sets included in the interpretive products are available through the Globe proprietary digital platform which models the last 400 million years of Earth's evolution into c. 40,000 layers of geological data that facilitate the exploration of subsurface resources. Beyond this, we employed our global gravity and magnetic data and bespoke interpretive and predictive exploration products.