Terex adds winter kit for trucks

To meet the needs of trucks working in very low temperatures, Terex Trucks has released two extreme cold weather protection kits for its rigid frame dump trucks
Terex adds winter kit for trucks Terex adds winter kit for trucks Terex adds winter kit for trucks Terex adds winter kit for trucks Terex adds winter kit for trucks

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With the help of Webasto, the first of the two kits, labelled the Winter Kit, defends trucks working for prolonged periods where temperatures fall to -25oC, while the second, the Arctic Kit, enables safe operating up to a deep freezing -40oC.

General practice in colder countries sees engines constantly running even during shift changes to keep fluids warm, prevent fatigue failures in the drive train, and seal leaks. The method of idling is one that is not only environmentally sub optional, but also costly to the end user due to the needless fuel consumption.

The Webasto-supplied, truck-mounted Thermo-Heater allows non-productive fuel consumption, engine wear-and-tear and prolonged downtime to be significantly reduced. The new technology makes use of an environmentally-friendly start-stop system, with just a very small trickle of diesel. The Thermo-Heater is powered once the engine is shut down, it then draws the coolant from the engine and circulates around critical components. The heater has the ability to keep the machine at a pre-determined warmer temperature for hours after the motor is switched off, and restart without a hitch.

Fitted at the Motherwell factory in Scotland, UK, the protection kits will be available on the TR45, TR60, TR70 and the 91t-capacity TR100. The solutions can also be retrofitted on older machines and are covered on the Terex Trucks protection warranty.

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