Applied Fiber, WireCo and DSM join forces

Applied Fiber, WireCo WorldGroup and DSM Dyneema have joined forces to deliver synthetic fibre dragline and rope shovel pendants to the global mining industry
Applied Fiber, WireCo and DSM join forces Applied Fiber, WireCo and DSM join forces Applied Fiber, WireCo and DSM join forces Applied Fiber, WireCo and DSM join forces Applied Fiber, WireCo and DSM join forces

Applied Fiber synthetic main boom pendants installed on a Cloud Peak Energy Marion 8200 dragline

Staff reporter

This follows Applied Fiber’s successful installation of what it stated is the mining industry’s first synthetic fibre main pendant cables on a Marion 8200 dragline for Cloud Peak Energy in Wyoming, US.

Applied Fiber engineers, manufactures and tests the completed dragline and shovel pendants. The termination and rope system was specifically engineered for the demanding pendant applications. The rope was produced by Lankhorst Ropes, a WireCo WorldGroup brand, which designed and manufactured the rope to give specific performance characteristics using ‘DM20’, the latest advancement in synthetic fibre manufactured by DSM Dyneema.

Jim Pumphrey, VP of industrial products at Applied Fiber, said: “Following thousands of tests and years of development, we are excited to introduce a suite of advanced solutions that address the historical challenges of terminating large and critical rope systems. By incorporating high-efficiency termination technology designed to mitigate bend fatigue in extreme conditions with the latest high performance fibre technology from DSM Dyneema we were able to design a solution that offers considerable weight savings and dampens the dynamic forces versus traditional steel pendants. This results in increased payload with dramatically reduced boom compression cycling – providing the mine owner numerous economic benefits. In today’s environment, more than ever, the mining industry is looking for ways to improve performance and reduce overall costs. This new synthetic cable pendant does just that. We are excited to be working with WireCo and DSM Dyneema, as together we can best bring this product to the global mining market.”

Blake Chandler, senior vice president global mining at WireCo WorldGroup, added: “The development of our Lankhorst synthetic rope for this demanding application will have a very positive impact on our mining customers. The product is lighter, easier to handle during installation and provides increased service life over conventional technology. This is a significant innovation for shovel and dragline boom pendants.”

Edwin Grootendorst, global segment director at DSM Dyneema, concluded: “The design and installation of the world’s first fibre dragline main pendant has been an impressive engineering feat. DSM Dyneema worked closely with Applied Fiber and WireCo to turn an innovative idea into reality. The Dyneema DM20 XBO fibre was critical enabling technology, ensuring the main boom pendant was able to reduce stresses on the dragline while improving its efficiency. We remain committed to supporting the mining community, and together with them, explore possibilities of improving profitability and safety in their operations.”

The dragline and shovel pendant products will be available through Applied Fiber and WireCo WorldGroup’s distribution network.