Demag releases DMR modular rope hoist

Demag has launched its DMR modular rope hoist, which provides a range of possible combinations, allowing it to be configured to meet specific needs
Demag releases DMR modular rope hoist Demag releases DMR modular rope hoist Demag releases DMR modular rope hoist Demag releases DMR modular rope hoist Demag releases DMR modular rope hoist

Five sizes are available, with load capacities up to 50t

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: The newly launched Demag DMR modular rope hoist can be adapted precisely to match specific requirements for diverse applications, including mining.

Richard Roughly, senior manager, sales and marketing, commented: “For the first time, customers can specify the design of their rope hoist, and still have the choice of all further options with just one system.” The Demag DMR modular rope hoist is available in two versions, a C-design and a co-axial design.

Smart interfaces mean that the Demag DMR modular rope hoist can be supplemented with a range of fittings and accessories that are freely selectable. Application types, from foot-mounted hoists to double-rail crabs, can all be implemented according to specific customer requirements.

Five sizes are available, with load capacities up to 50t. The controls can be ‘smart’, conventional, or provided by the customer, with a stepless or two-stage drive concept. Control can be wire-connected or by radio, depending on requirements. In addition, a range of extra safety and control functions can be chosen.

“Our modular design allows us to offer customers the exact control system needed for their Demag DMR rope hoist. Your equipment can be enhanced for future production and logistics processes due to our innovative control systems, which transform your rope hoist into a smart solution for maximum transparency, safety and reliability,” Roughly stated.

According to the company, the Demag DMR modular rope hoist guarantees reliable operation by means of the tried-and-tested contactor control option, which is available with various control voltages. A more flexible option for customers is implementing their own ‘plug-and-play’ controls.

Demag’s SafeControl allows for high operating safety, reliability and efficient production. This feature meets all of the requirements for optimum support of state-of-the-art manufacturing and logistics processes.

The integrated Demag SmartCheck sensor system detects all of the rope hoist’s operating parameters continuously, and reports them to the control system. These critical parameters range from information on speed to brake wear. Precise overload protection is fitted as standard.

Slack-rope monitoring means that the tension of the rope can be checked continuously. The hoist drive switches off automatically when the load has been lowered to its destination. Bypass control allows for areas to be specified where the travelling hoist is blocked.

Tandem mode means that loads can be transported safely by two Demag DMR rope hoists via a single control unit. Two cranes, with up to four rope hoists, can also be synchronised. A further control refinement is area-specific load reduction, whereby areas can be defined, which the travelling hoist may only enter if the load does not exceed a specific reference value.

Real-time remote diagnosis allows users to have an overview of all Demag DMR rope hoists in operation at any one time. The Demag StatusControl remote access system supplies all relevant operating data in real time, and analyses and processes it for direct access.

Demag StatusControl also allows customers to monitor complete crane systems in various production facilities and at different locations, regardless of the brand. Target positioning means that loads can be transported automatically to a selected target position, as long as the crane operator presses the corresponding button on the radio control.