HxGN Dynamic Haulage released

Hexagon Mining has introduced HxGN Dynamic Haulage 1.0 for optimised truck movement
HxGN Dynamic Haulage released HxGN Dynamic Haulage released HxGN Dynamic Haulage released HxGN Dynamic Haulage released HxGN Dynamic Haulage released

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: As part of the MineSight Schedule Optimizer (MSSO) platform, Dynamic Haulage ensures the best, most efficient path to destinations, regardless of changes in haul roads and routes between operational phases and between schedule runs. It’s the closest thing to real-time ‘best path’ from cut-to-mill or dump, and back again.

For mines where benches and routes are changing constantly during production, Dynamic Haulage allows equipment operators to locate an optimal route with schedulers. Dispatch sees the whole mine and traffic flows better than ever before.

Haul route connections are dynamically built between the pit phases being mined, reflecting changes in the surface as the schedule progresses. The outcome is a schedule that more accurately represents the equipment requirements of the operation, without the need to digitise the appropriate connections.

Scheduled cycles are more efficient and ‘plan versus reality’ gaps are closed without distractions of radioing or visual assessment of clear haulage routes to the destination. Dynamic Haulage appeals to large pit operations with significant fleet equipment assets. It also works well for small (Tier 3 and Tier 4) mines where mill energy expenses and capacity utilisation are critical and must be maintained throughout phases and shift periods, without resource material delivery delays and slowdowns to re-digitise road centrelines.

Carl Brackpool, product manager at Hexagon Mining, said: “Dynamic Haulage is a highly affordable solution with minimal licensing investment and an incredibly short payback milestone. It’s an effective solution for customers looking at flexible schedules supporting multiple potential haul routes and scenarios, especially when short-term planning synchronisations don’t fit.

“The existing MineSight Haulage solution offers a great, static baseline. However, Dynamic Haulage - just as the name implies - adapts to daily operations and extends our suite of amazing integrated modules on the industry-leading MSSO platform."