Total to supply Thiess lubricants

International oil and gas company Total has been awarded a three-year lubricant contract with mining services provider Thiess, with an option to extend the contract for up to seven years
Total to supply Thiess lubricants Total to supply Thiess lubricants Total to supply Thiess lubricants Total to supply Thiess lubricants Total to supply Thiess lubricants

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: Over the next few years, Total will be supplying over 100 million litres of lubricants to Thiess operations in five countries, namely Australia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Chile and Canada.

Dirk de Bruyn, Total’s general manager for Global Industry, commented: “Total was selected as the preferred supplier due to Total’s ability to supply products and services that met the requirements across all sites. It was our experience in transitioning complex sites that was the deciding factor.

“In addition Total was also able to offer supply terms and conditions that are consistent across all five countries. This coupled with a robust contract management system will allow both parties to focus on improving operational performance.” 

Announcing the news, vice president, Specialties at Total Marketing & Services Asia Pacific and Middle East, Stephane Lagrue, said: “The contract has definitely marked a great start for Total to be working with the world’s largest mining services provider. This helps to foster a new partnership between Thiess and Total, as well as reinforcing Total’s presence in the global mining industry, especially in Asia.

“With this contract, Total Australia is committed to strengthen its supply chain by investing in three additional bulk storage sites to accompany its growth ambition on the Australian mining market.”