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Australian manufacturer Piacentini & Son is about to ship off its first Panther Series II low loader, a 360t model it said is cost-effective and customisable for customers both domestically and internationally
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Staff reporter

Designed and constructed to have a seamless transition from ramp to platform, the Panther Series II 360T offers greater stability via its large track width and, for ease of loading and unloading, has ground contact for the full width. A 45-minute preparation, loading and take-off cycle can now be 10 minutes, the company said.

The loader also has an optimised trailer length and high ground clearance, giving it easier mobility, and when ready the trailer can be raised and lowered by remote control. The unit, which has a wet brake system and a park brake-integrated pneumatic access system to allow safe access and egress on both sides, has been designed modularly to reduce the cost of shipping and installation at the site.

Piacentini & Son said it has models ranging from 130,000kg (286,600lb) up to 900,000kg (1.9 million lb) payloads. All fabrication and pre-assembly is performed in-house at the company’s Picton workshop in Bunbury, Western Australia.