New LF14 LHD from GHH

German manufacturer GHH has launched the LF14 LHD, with a 14t payload, for the mining and tunnelling markets
New LF14 LHD from GHH New LF14 LHD from GHH New LF14 LHD from GHH New LF14 LHD from GHH New LF14 LHD from GHH

GHH said the LF14 is “the world’s strongest load haul dumper (LHD) in the 14-tonne payload category”

Staff Reporter

PRESS RELEASE: The compact LF14 LHD is driven by a water-cooled Volvo TAD1351 diesel engine with 285kW that meets the EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA standards. Alternatively, there is the TAD1371VE for EPA Tier 4f/EU Stage IV to further reduce the impact on mine air quality.

The bucket of the 38.5t vehicle with the 14t payload can lift volumes of up to 9m3 to almost 5.5m (upper edge). The forward kinematics of the lifting arm are optimised for high breakout forces, long operating times and fast loading of dump trucks.

According to GHH, the LF14 lifts its full bucket in seven seconds, moves at a speed of more than 26km/h and empties it in about two seconds. A semi-automatic loading mode facilitates work and ensures fast one-pass loading. The Dana TE32 4-gear transmission shifts quickly and softly up and down.

"Short loading cycles for a maximum transport output per hour were our primary development objective," said GHH managing director Dr Jan Petzold.

Further advantages are the driver assistance systems that monitor operations, the bucket, payload limits and more. Cameras ensure that there are no blind spots, while sensors warn about collisions.

The large cabin of the LF14 is accessible through a wide door and offers plenty of leg room; the LHD also offers an all-round view and all operating elements are within easy reach.