Hitachi adds to EX-7 series

Hitachi has released its EX1200-7 excavator, the third machine in the new EX-7 series, in North and South America
Hitachi adds to EX-7 series Hitachi adds to EX-7 series Hitachi adds to EX-7 series Hitachi adds to EX-7 series Hitachi adds to EX-7 series

The EX1200-7 is available to the US, Canadian, Latin American and Brazilian markets

Staff reporter

Available in a backhoe and shovel configuration, with an operating weight of 117,000 kg and 118,000kg respectively, EX1200-7 is Hitachi's smallest mining excavator, explained Brian Mace, mining product marketing and applications manager, Hitachi Construction Machinery - Americas.

"This versatile machine delivers an astounding combination of power and the latest technologies you need to get the job done, whether its large-scale excavation or mining," he added.

Due to Hitachi's fuel consumption optimisation (FCO) technologies, the EX1200-7 can improve total fuel economy by 6% compared to the previous model (EX1200-6) through engine and hydraulic system improvements.

The EX1200-7 features a Cummins EPA Final Tier 4 engine with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). For non-regulated countries, a Cummins engine featuring fuel-calibration optimisation settings can contribute to improved efficiency.

The new machine also offers a 4.5% increase in bucket capacity, adding up to 7m3. Hitachi said it has included optimised swing control and an improved hydraulic system with a flow regeneration valve to reduce power requirements from the hydraulic system and engine.

A new option with the machine is the auto-lubrication system for a bulk excavation front attachment, which supplies grease to the superstructure including bucket pins. The system comes redesigned with a large capacity grease tank, new grease pump, in-line grease filter and breather with filter.

The Japanese manufacturer said the EX1200-7 design was created for optimal frame longevity to ensure the machine withstands the demands of any operation.

The EX1200-7 also provides the option of Aerial Angle, suitable for customers and works requiring a 360° vision system.