Digging in to the new Komatsu PC2000-11

Komatsu has released its newest hydraulic excavator, the PC2000-11, which can offer mines more efficiency for stripping overburden and loading coal and shot rock
Digging in to the new Komatsu PC2000-11 Digging in to the new Komatsu PC2000-11 Digging in to the new Komatsu PC2000-11 Digging in to the new Komatsu PC2000-11 Digging in to the new Komatsu PC2000-11

The Komatsu PC2000-11

Built around an EPA Tier 4 Final-certified engine, the PC2000-11 was designed to load 70-200 short ton (63.5-181t) rigid-frame haul trucks with faster cycle times.

In addition, the excavator has a simplified power module - including the cooling package, engine, PTO and hydraulic pumps - to offer optimum access to the machine's major components. It also leaves a user to enjoy low cab noise levels, and for maintenance crews it reduces labour hours when it comes to planned overhauls.

KomVision, the OEM's all-around machine monitoring system, is a standard item on the newly released machine. Seven cameras offer a complete, 360° view of the unit's working area to increase operator awareness.

"The PC2000-11 offers improved multifunction performance, and a productivity increase up to 12% [compared to the Komatsu PC2000-8, the previous model], and can therefore load more trucks per shift," product marketing manager Robert Hussey noted.

"The redesigned hydraulic system monitors work equipment loads and optimizes hydraulic flow based on operating conditions. [It] is equipped with selectable working modes to tailor machine performance to application requirements, including the all new 'Power Plus' mode…[and] increased engine power and new engine pump control logic give the PC2000-11 faster cycle times."

Mines seeking greater durability are also in luck, as Komatsu confirmed extended component life was a focus in the design of the PC2000-11. Thicker, stronger boom plates and castings, strengthened track and center frames, larger diameter carrier rollers and improved hydraulic cylinder seals can all be found on the excavator.

Other standard features of the new PC2000-11 include dual Komatsu diesel particulate filters (DPF), auto idle and shutdown to aid in consumption of fuel, and there is no selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, so diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is not needed.

New EPC valves optimise the machine's main valve spool control, which can result in increasing work equipment speed for a site, especially during compound movement, and a heavy lift mode offers 10% greater lifting force from the boom, which is now stronger and more durable.

Komatsu noted that its new US EPA Tier 4 Final emission regulation-compliant SSA12V140E-7 engine has a net horsepower of 1,046hp (780kW), up from 956hp (713kW) on the PC2000-8.