Sandvik upgrades Toro TH320 and Toro TH330 trucks

New trucks aim to improve productivity
Sandvik upgrades Toro TH320 and Toro TH330 trucks Sandvik upgrades Toro TH320 and Toro TH330 trucks Sandvik upgrades Toro TH320 and Toro TH330 trucks Sandvik upgrades Toro TH320 and Toro TH330 trucks Sandvik upgrades Toro TH320 and Toro TH330 trucks

Sweden-based equipment manufacturer and engineering group Sandvik has upgraded its Toro TH320 20t and Toro TH330 30t trucks to improve productivity and reduce the costs of ownership for its customers.

The company noted that the trucks have a hardy structure, compact size and fit-for-purpose components, which makes them robust and reliable. In addition, they have been tailored to the challenging underground mining environment to meet productivity targets.

Both of the upgraded trucks are designed for long engine lifetime underground, featuring a 235kW Tier 3 Volvo Penta engine with catalytic purifier and muffler. The fuel-efficient 8L engine features a high-tech injection system, which can contribute to an efficient combustion and low fuel consumption.

In addition, the engine is calibrated for use in high-altitude conditions without sacrificing performance or reliability. The aluminium cooler is designed for corrosion resistance and to be easy to clean, as well as being heavy duty and efficient, which Sandvik said helps to reduce total cost of ownership. The trucks can also be equipped with an optional engine brake, which is designed to minimise brake and transmission overheating and brake wear while also providing better control of downhill speed.

Sandvik has equipped the Toro TH320 and Toro TH330 with new heavy-duty axles that use limited slip differential to maintain traction, and which the company expects to have an extended lifetime compared to the previous models.

Pia Sundberg, product line manager, trucks at Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions, said: "We have really worked to improve availability and reliability and reduce the time needed for servicing or maintenance. For fast ramp speeds when hauling ore, we have equipped these trucks with a new transmission with automatic gear shifting and torque converter lock-up."

Sandvik has also made upgrades to the trucks to enable easy and fast maintenance, thereby increasing truck uptime. They are designed for daily ground level maintenance; when it is necessary to access the top of the equipment, the entirely new access system on the front of the truck gives a steady grip to maintenance personnel, using three-point contact high-contrast handles and anti-slip steps. The hydraulic system of the truck is designed to be simple and reliable, which contributes to ease of maintenance and lower total cost of ownership.

Last month, the company marked the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Toro family of loaders and trucks for underground hard rock mines, which were reintroduced to the Sandvik range in 2020 following a 15-year hiatus.