Immersive and RCT team up

Immersive Technologies and Remote Control Technologies (RCT) have joined forces to deliver a remote control training solution that is designed to improve mine safety and profitability
Immersive and RCT team up Immersive and RCT team up Immersive and RCT team up Immersive and RCT team up Immersive and RCT team up

Immersive recently delivered an advanced simulator with RCT ControlMaster CM2000D line-of-sight remote control

Ailbhe Goodbody

Immersive provides solutions for mine equipment operator training, and RCT supplies customised mine vehicle control and guidance systems. While Immersive solutions are focused on simulation training, allowing operators to learn and practice their skills for mobile equipment tasks, RCT provides its own skills training programmes for its ControlMaster smart automation and control products.

Immersive and RCT have worked together to combine their technology and expertise, interfacing a remote control to an advanced training simulator. This allows customers to improve overall operator training programmes.

Immersive recently delivered an advanced underground loader simulator complete with RCT ControlMaster CM2000D line-of-sight remote control. The simulator will be used in Kazakhstan to comprehensively train miners in the safe operation of loaders in both manual and remote-control modes.

The prominent Kazakhstan zinc miner has a strong ongoing commitment to safety, conducting remote and tele-remote mining as well as manual loading across many sites to boost production while maintaining high safety levels.

Phil Goode, senior business development manager at RCT, said: “Miners can now learn and develop better skills, they can start on manual, then progress to learn line-of-sight remote control operation, all within the safe confines of a simulator.

“RCT is very excited that our customers can train remote operators on their simulators. Our engineers work with customers to assess and deliver the software and hardware upgrades needed to allow customer to adopt remote control training on their simulators. This will speed up the process to save them time and money.”

Wayde Salfinger, executive director – marketing at Immersive Technologies, commented: “We are very pleased with our collaboration with RCT, as it facilitates another way in which Immersive Technologies now delivers productivity and safety improvements to our mining customers. This collaboration ensures our shared customers have access to highly effective remote operation and teleoperation equipment training solutions.”

He added: “Demand in mining is growing for more advanced simulation based training, including for tele-remote and semi-autonomous equipment. RCT and Immersive Technologies are ready to meet this demand. Both companies have proven off-the-shelf solutions that are compatible. This combination will drive improved operator performance, machine utilisation and mine profitability.”