JCHX acquires more Cybermine simulators

Chinese underground mining contractor JCHX Mining Management is expanding its Miyun County mining training centre in Beijing through the purchase of five new Cybermine training simulators from ThoroughTec Simulation
JCHX acquires more Cybermine simulators JCHX acquires more Cybermine simulators JCHX acquires more Cybermine simulators JCHX acquires more Cybermine simulators JCHX acquires more Cybermine simulators

Cybermine simulator for the training of Atlas Copco 282 drill rig operators

Staff reporter

This is JCHX’s second investment in Cybermine simulators. Wang Xian Cheng, chairman and founder of JCHX, commented: “JCHX strives to maintain an efficient and safe workforce. We are committed to achieving these high standards with well-trained, professional personnel. These highly-realistic training simulators and the training centre as a whole will help us achieve this.”

In addition to its current simulators for Atlas Copco 282 drill rig and Normet 1050 shotcrete-sprayer operator training, JCHX will be receiving five additional Cybermine simulators for the training of Sandvik LH410 LHD and DS411 bolter operators; as well as Atlas Copco Simba 1354 long-hole drill rig, MT2010 dump truck and Cabletec LC bolter operators.

ThoroughTec’s executive vice-president of operations, Richard Bellengere noted: “As far as we know the cable reel bolter simulator we are delivering to train Atlas Copco Cabletec operators is the first of its kind in the world.”

JCHX has ordered two classroom simulator base units to run these interchangeable cabs along with a central database server. The entire Cybermine system will be interconnected to this hub. According to ThoroughTec, rhis enhancement will add significant value to the training centre by connecting the existing simulators with the new units, thereby ensuring consolidated user management and optimal efficiency. It will also enable a ‘total approach’ to workforce optimisation and management in the future. The simulators will be customised for JCHX to include Mandarin Chinese localisation.