MICROMINE and MST increase Pitram's capabilities

Software provider MICROMINE continues to invest heavily in the development of automated functionality specific to its fleet management and mine control solution, Pitram
MICROMINE and MST increase Pitram's capabilities MICROMINE and MST increase Pitram's capabilities MICROMINE and MST increase Pitram's capabilities MICROMINE and MST increase Pitram's capabilities MICROMINE and MST increase Pitram's capabilities

Pitram is MICROMINE's fleet management and mine control solution

Staff reporter

As part of the company’s investment in automation, it is working closely with the infrastructure provider Mine Site Technologies (MST).

The partnership allows underground operations to implement automated network coverage, so that Pitram can transmit vital mine information and production data to a central location in real-time.

MST Global has been designing, manufacturing, deploying and supporting mine and tunnel communication systems over 25 years. Communication networks are the essential backbone to enable higher level processes to operate and deliver value.

MICROMINE’s integration partnership with MST will enable Pitram to provide management accurate real-time data related to personnel, vehicle and equipment locations underground. The integration with MST’s ImPact network and Wi-Fi positioning engine allows Pitram to automatically capture location data in real-time.

MST fibre ethernet switches and Wi-Fi access points are strategically located throughout the mine. Personnel, vehicles and mobile equipment carry Wi-Fi tags, and as they pass the Wi-Fi access points, position information is passed to the positioning engine on the MST ImPact communications appliance on the surface for location processing. This location information is then captured and displayed in real-time by Pitram.

Pitram’s 3-D viewer provides a positioning front-end to the MST ImPact communications appliance. It allows operators to instantly locate and display status on personnel and machines on a zone and sub-zone basis, across single and multiple zones, throughout the mine. This highly visual and real-time information facilitates effective response to changes in resource availability and safety issues.

Operators in the control room will be able to see, through Pitram’s 3-D viewer, the locations of personnel and equipment during the shift. Again, the introduction of this functionality was motivated by increased safety within the underground environment.

Pitram records, manages and processes mine site data related to equipment, personnel and materials in real-time. As a scalable solution it is suitable for open pit and underground mine development and production.

Pitram provides an overall view of the current mine status and increases clients’ control over their operation. Greater control allows operations to increase production, reduce costs, and improve safety and business intelligence capabilities.