WEBINAR: Controlling costs - What's driving increasing costs in your mining operation?

What's driving increasing costs in your mining operation? Wed 21 Sep, 2pm CST

Mining Magazine

Mining is an expensive business. Equipment, fuel, payroll and maintenance costs add up quickly, and every dollar spent detracts from a mine’s profits.

So it’s vital to make sure all aspects of the operation are performing as cost-effectively as possible.

Caterpillar understands the challenge, and has the expertise and technology to help you meet it. The company asked customers to identify their biggest sources of increased costs and many of them gave the same five answers: process variability, unscheduled repairs, fuel costs, collisions and shift change.

In this exclusive webinar, moderated by Mining Journal & Mining Magazine Editor-in-Chief Richard Roberts, Caterpillar Mining subject matter experts explore tips and best practices for weathering the storm of cost constraints, and provide unique insights into process, technology, equipment management, training and other business enhancements.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Craig Watkins, marketing and sales support supervisor, mining technology enabled solutions, and Bill Dears, commercial mining manager mining technology, at Caterpillar.

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Richard Roberts

Managing Editor
Mining Journal

Richard has been in mining and finance journalism for 25 years, spending the bulk of his career in Australia but visiting and covering projects and other aspects of the industry all around the world in that time. He spent eight years developing the weekly Australasian-focused HighGrade.net before joining Mining Journal, and prior to that ran Mining Journal owner Aspermont’s mining publishing business out of Perth, Western Australia, for more than a decade.


Craig Watkins
Marketing and sales support supervisor, mining technology enabled solutions

Craig Watkins has vast experience in the mining industry and has worked with Caterpillar mining customers all over the world. Craig's experience includes engineering for mining technology products, deployment of Cat MineStar System products and services, and the development and delivery of training programs to service technicians and mining technology customers. He currentlyp rovides commercial support for Caterpillar's mining technology offerings.


Bill Dears
Commercial mining manager mining technology

Bill Dears is a senior executive who is passionate about growing new businesses and achieving results. He excels at incorporating technologies into the business model to enhance a company’s value proposition and provide superior results for customers, shareholders, and employees.  A proven leader, Bill has delivered results for Caterpillar, a CAT Dealership, and a venture-based B2B start-up.