Trimble Connected Mine Visual Intelligence module released

Trimble has released its Trimble Connected Mine Visual Intelligence module
Trimble Connected Mine Visual Intelligence module released Trimble Connected Mine Visual Intelligence module released Trimble Connected Mine Visual Intelligence module released Trimble Connected Mine Visual Intelligence module released Trimble Connected Mine Visual Intelligence module released

Trimble Connected Mine Virtual Intelligence in use

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The module features support for mixed-reality technology, including Microsoft HoloLens, to provide visual collaboration of mine spatial data.

Trimble Connected Mine is an integrated and complete view of mine data that is designed to improve and accelerate operational and strategic decision making. Visual Intelligence is an optional module that enables the 3-D visualisation of Trimble Connected Mine data. With a track record of enterprise-level implementations in some of the largest mines worldwide, Trimble stated that it is transforming the way mines work by combining mining expertise, spatial technology, business analytics, visualisation and decision support tools to enable mining companies to fully optimise their resources for safe, productive and profitable mining.

The portfolio includes mine information systems, planning and productivity applications, intelligent devices and technology infrastructure.

Trimble Connected Mine provides a secure live web environment for data to be collected and presented in easy-to-read tables, graphs, dashboards and spatial views. It enables a wide range of administrative and operations data to be connected and consolidated across language, currency, commodity, unit of measure, time zone and location, which can be viewed from a single software solution.

Trimble stated that with Trimble Connected Mine Visual Intelligence, management teams can be more confident in making key decisions by using a validated set of inputs and unique visualisation that allow both strategic and detailed scenario planning. Visualisation quickly reveals outliers, with options to review historical data quickly.

Johan Smet, general manager of Trimble Mining, explained: “Using Trimble Connected Mine Visual Intelligence with Microsoft HoloLens provides an interface to our data that has massive potential. It enables mining professionals to improve collaboration and communication by visualising and interacting with high-definition holograms of the mine.”

He added: “This powerful but practical technology delivers immediate value to mine management and confirms Trimble’s commitment to provide innovative measurement, reporting and decision support solutions for the industry. Trimble’s broad technology portfolio delivers revolutionary analytical tools to mining management teams and tailors those tools to the type and size of their operations.”

Using Microsoft HoloLens and Trimble technology, mine management can clearly visualise large spatial datasets to rapidly identify exceptions without the need to visit the site, improving safety and reducing the need to travel.

Scott Erickson, general manager, Microsoft HoloLens, said: “Microsoft HoloLens enables companies, designers and creators to work with three-dimensional data in order to bring products and information to life, and Trimble’s implementation of the technology via the Trimble Connected Mine solution is an example of how visualisation can generate business benefits such as efficient decision making, analysis and collaboration.”

The Trimble Connected Mine using the Microsoft HoloLens will be showcased during MINExpo in Las Vegas September 26 - 28, 2016 at the Trimble booth #2971 in the North Hall.