New modules added to Sandvik OptiMine

The two latest modules added to the Sandvik OptiMine offering are 3D Mine Visualizer and Drill Plan Visualizer
New modules added to Sandvik OptiMine New modules added to Sandvik OptiMine New modules added to Sandvik OptiMine New modules added to Sandvik OptiMine New modules added to Sandvik OptiMine

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Sandvik OptiMine is a modular information management solution that offers a real-time view of underground mining operations. Suitable for all mining applications and the entire mobile fleet, including equipment supplied by other OEMs, the solution is designed to provide real-time tracking and production management tools for controlling both manual and automatic mining operations. Sandvik OptiMine modules can be combined as needed to build up the required functionality.

Based on 3-D scanning results, Sandvik OptiMine 3D Mine Visualizer brings a three-dimensional model of the mine layout directly to the office. 3-D mine visualisation can enhance comprehension of large mining environments. One of the key benefits of 3-D mine visualisation is how it enables users to more effectively communicate and interpret data around the current situation and future plans for the mining environment.

Sandvik OptiMine Drill Plan Visualizer, in turn, is an easy to use visualisation tool for production and rock-support drilling.

In the Drill Plan Visualizer, drill plans and drilling results are visualised in a user-friendly and informative way, giving you the tools you need to compare drilling results to production drilling and bolting plans, Sandvik explained.

Drilling plans and bolting scenarios can be easily created, modified and edited. With a web-based user interface, information on the planned and actual drilling is available anywhere, anytime.

Drill plans are transferred to the drill automatically and actual, real-time drilling data is immediately available in the production control system. And, as per other Sandvik OptiMine modules, Drill Plan Visualizer data is available for other mine IT systems.

For production drilling, the Drill Plan Visualizer shows existing plans and actual drilling results in a 3-D format, including measurement-while-drilling (MWD) data, when available. MWD data is also available in 2-D graphs for more detailed, alternative analysis of the drilling results.

These two new modules complement the current offering of Sandvik OptiMine Monitoring and Reporting, Scheduler and Task Management and Location Tracking, which are used in mines in Australia, the Americas, Africa and Europe.

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