Mitsui USA partners with Rajant

Rajant and Mitsui USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co, will jointly develop and market Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh wireless networks
Mitsui USA partners with Rajant Mitsui USA partners with Rajant Mitsui USA partners with Rajant Mitsui USA partners with Rajant Mitsui USA partners with Rajant

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They will also develop extensive information assurance and security expertise to solve the advanced communications challenges of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), drones, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), and other autonomous applications.

Mitsui USA plans to connect Rajant with companies desiring to streamline operations, increase revenue, and achieve real-time intelligence for better corporate decision-making. Optimising network infrastructures is a key requirement toward realising these objectives.

Kiichiro Takanami, SVP, IT & communication business division at Mitsui USA, said: “We’re looking forward to leveraging the IIoT expertise and deep experience in information assurance and security of Rajant to meet the needs of existing and new markets. Rajant’s InstaMesh networking software and sophisticated military-grade security and cryptography will have a significantly favourable impact on organisations trying to capitalise on autonomous applications.”

Bob Schena, chairman and CEO of Rajant, commented: “Mitsui will help Rajant penetrate Mitsui’s global base as well as introduce us to new sectors that have yet to benefit from our advanced secure network capabilities. As organisations look to capitalise on IIoT and autonomous applications and vehicles, they are demanding more bandwidth and applications on their networks – without sacrificing mobility, reliability and security.”

The companies will target shared industry sectors, such as mining, oil & gas, as well as automotive and truck V2V, while Mitsui also will create new market exposure for Rajant in other verticals like transportation and agriculture.