IDS GeoRadar unveils IBIS-ArcSAR

PRESS RELEASE: IDS GeoRadar, a global provider of interferometric technology solutions and multi-frequency, multi-channel Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), has launched IBIS-ArcSAR
IDS GeoRadar unveils IBIS-ArcSAR IDS GeoRadar unveils IBIS-ArcSAR IDS GeoRadar unveils IBIS-ArcSAR IDS GeoRadar unveils IBIS-ArcSAR IDS GeoRadar unveils IBIS-ArcSAR

IBIS-ArcSAR revolutionises safety in slope monitoring

Staff reporter

IBIS-ArcSAR is its the next generation slope monitoring radar system based on the new ArcSAR technology.

As world’s first 3-D SAR radar, the new system IBIS-ArcSAR introduces a technological revolution to support critical decisions and ensure the highest safety standards in the mining industry.

Niccolò Coli, manager of the IDS GeoRadar mining business unit, said: “IBIS-ArcSAR is a game-changing radar designed around robustness and performance to ensure the highest safety standards and manage risk conditions with confidence. IBIS-ArcSAR delivers unprecedented flexibility and performance to support geotechnical engineers in critical decision-making.”

IBIS-ArcSAR is the first and only radar in the mining industry to provide 360° pit coverage from one single platform. The system leverages the widest and longest range (5,000m), and the shortest scan time (360° in 40 seconds; 180° in 20 seconds) as well as built-in GNSS for auto-geocoding. The system also features integrated panoramic HD camera providing real time imagery of pit walls and immediate visualisation of critical areas.

Whether it is a strategic or tactical positioning, the radar’s outstanding spatial resolution of 10 million pixels sets new standards for critical safety monitoring by covering the full scale of slope instabilities from sub-bench to broad wall movements even at long distances.

Integrating seamlessly into the Guardian FPM360 suite, IBIS-ArcSAR can dramatically expand overlap areas of multiple IBIS radars to exploit the unique TrueVector capabilities, delivering a rich geotechnical environment. One solution combines radar data, prism displacement and slow movement analysis into a single versatile platform without the need to invest in additional software.