Simark, KNS partnership

PRESS RELEASE: Simark Controls, Canadian subsidiary of SFC Energy, a provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, is partnering with KNS Communications for powering high-performance wireless networks
Simark, KNS partnership Simark, KNS partnership Simark, KNS partnership Simark, KNS partnership Simark, KNS partnership

KNS has designed broadband wireless communications systems for fleet management systems

Staff reporter

KNS Communications, which designs and deploys wireless ecosystems, uses SFC Energy’s EFOY Pro fuel cells as an off-grid power source for engineered, high-performance outdoor wireless networks in the most demanding mining, oil and gas, agriculture, public safety, utilities, higher education and government communication environments. 

The fuel cells are hybridised with solar to ensure reliability; when solar is unable to deliver enough power, the fuel cell automatically switches on and compensates for the shortfall in energy ensuring the battery bank always remains sufficiently charged to provide power for the off-grid equipment. Large oversized solar arrays and battery banks are avoided and the reliability of the system is increased significantly with years of fuel autonomy versus the traditional few days of battery autonomy.

“With their green footprint, minimal fuel consumption, fully autonomous operation and extreme weather capabilities EFOY Pro fuel cells are the best remote power solutions on the market,” said Don Leyn, director of business development at KNS Communications. “We offer them in customised trailer-based and stationary communication system solutions.”

Derek L’Hirondelle, VP instrumentation, automation & energy at Simark Controls, commented: “Our combined offer of KNS Communications’ high-performance wireless network expertise and the EFOY Pro fuel cells’ ultimate power reliability brings optimum efficiency, flexibility and convenience to users of off-grid communication systems all over Canada and the US.”