Schneider expands EcoStruxure

Energy management group Schneider Electric has built upon its EcoStruxure digital backbone with the release of EcoStruxure for Mining, Minerals and Metals
Schneider expands EcoStruxure Schneider expands EcoStruxure Schneider expands EcoStruxure Schneider expands EcoStruxure Schneider expands EcoStruxure

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: The new system marries digital technology innovation with IoT for data collection, analysis and use in real time for a greater level of safety, efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

EcoStruxure brings together three levels of advancement: connected products, edge control and applications, analytics and services. First, connected products include field devices with sensors, circuit breakers, meters, VSDs and other intelligence embedded and serving as a link to data.

Edge control encompasses real-time and runtime control systems that connect to field devices for data collection and to analyse current conditions against goals and past performance. At this level, autonomous control decisions can be made or it can help with operator decision-making for greater process performance. 

“At the heart of the edge control layer is the Modicon M580 Ethernet PAC (ePAC), the automation controller that uses open Ethernet standards to enable process efficiency, flexibility, and cybersecurity,” the company noted.

At the highest level of the EcoStruxure architecture is applications, analytics, and services, which performs high-level problem solving and analysis enterprise-wide for the best operations and results. 

“On this level, Schneider Electric provides an industry-leading portfolio of software and associated services, including advanced predictive analytics for process and equipment; leading-edge virtual and augmented reality for operators and maintenance personnel; energy/process optimisation and simulation; and integrated operations, planning and supply chain management,” the company added.

Schneider mining, minerals and metals president Rob Moffit noted recently that the challenges of the mining industry, along with the cement, steel and glass sectors, place focus on operational excellence.

“Fortunately, there has been a significant transformation in digital technologies that are now available to help deal with many of these challenges,” he said. 

“By leveraging this transformation, EcoStruxure for Mining, Minerals and Metals helps our customers improve how they manage their operations and plants to improve the bottom line. By bridging IT and OT, EcoStruxure enables them to maximise the value of data and translate it into actionable intelligence for better business decisions.”