Hexagon's new logical choice

Technology group Hexagon Mining has released a new solution to ease the creation of modeling process workflows, the MineSight mine planning suite HxGN Logic
Hexagon's new logical choice Hexagon's new logical choice Hexagon's new logical choice Hexagon's new logical choice Hexagon's new logical choice

Staff reporter

HxGN Logic has a comprehensive design, including security roles, an audit trail and flexible data sources for every step from drill holes to model. Because the system also integrates with the other geology platforms of MineSight, users can launch the Model Calculation Tool or MineSight Reserve from inside Logic. 

It also features user and security roles, flexible data connections and supports multiple languages.

“The block model is the foundation of all planning tools, and to build a sound block model requires several steps and checking along the way,” company product management director Leo Fernandes said. “Logic assists you through this process, and builds an easy-to-understand set of steps.” 

Logic is a component of an upgraded MineSight release, and that new release also includes an improved MineSight 3D (MS3D).

MS3D Version 12.50 now supports extremely large images on surfaces and has new file type support; allows a user to persist and remove surface “colour by” options (i.e. strike/dip); and has point cloud enhancements for query points, new properties dialog and adds the ability to snap, volume clip, query and show 2D views. Users can also now view an AutoCAD drawing directly from within MS3D.