RPM and MineWare collaborate

RPMGlobal Holdings and MineWare have released a comprehensive integration between RPM’s short term scheduling solutions and MineWare’s Argus shovel and excavator monitoring system that provides real-time payload and mine plan compliance
RPM and MineWare collaborate RPM and MineWare collaborate RPM and MineWare collaborate RPM and MineWare collaborate RPM and MineWare collaborate

MineWare’s Argus shovel and excavator monitoring system

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PRESS RELEASE: This integration enables mining companies to compare their planned production activities against what is actually happening in their mine in real-time.

Rather than announcing a partnership and then building a product, RPM and MineWare have worked together for the last 12 months developing a robust enterprise grade integration which they have now released to the industry.

Richard Mathews, CEO and managing director of RPM, commented: “We are not announcing a collaboration and then promising to go away and build something in the future, we are unveiling a completed development project. We used the new mining ISA95 enterprise integration standards which means this integration is robust, open and flexible.

“This solution fills a void in the mine plan compliance and control space. As the mining industry moves closer towards autonomy and stricter Short Interval Control (SIC) processes there is a distinct need for data to be validated and then transferred between software applications using enterprise integration platforms and standards.

“This integration sees RPM’s software products pass critical spatial planning data directly from the mine planning systems to the operator display located in the loading equipment. As the equipment progresses through the mining face, actual loading data (e.g. bucket positions, equipment locations, etc.) from MineWare’s Argus system is sent back to the planner and displayed in their planning products so they can review, analyse and adjust their plan based on actual working information. For both the planners and equipment operators, this integrated solution amplifies their real time decision making capabilities.”

RPM also visually overlays the longer term plan guidance polygons so that the planners can view where their machines are operating today and where they need to be mining tomorrow whilst ensuring they are adhering to where they need to be next week or month giving a true plan compliance interface that delivers high plan predictability.

Andrew Jessett, CEO of MineWare, said that full integration between mining operations systems, and planning and scheduling packages, is critical for optimising the end-to-end mining process and value chain.

He explained: “Through this partnership, we are enabling a new level of interoperability that creates a dynamic planning and scheduling environment. This environment delivers greater integration and feedback between planning and operations for continual improvement. For the mine, this maximises productivity through greater control, flexibility and predictability of the mining and extraction processes.

“We are excited to be working with RPM to bring this revolutionary solution to market—one that we are confident will yield improved productivity outcomes for our clients to reduce their cost/ton and improve predictability.”

Having now finalised development of the integration, RPM and MineWare have entered into this product development collaboration agreement to support this product’s entry into the global market.

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