Maptek, LlamaZOO collab delivers data in 3-D

Mining technology developer Maptek and augmented reality specialist LlamaZOO are teaming up to bring digital twinning and advanced 3-D data visualisation to the mining industry
Maptek, LlamaZOO collab delivers data in 3-D Maptek, LlamaZOO collab delivers data in 3-D Maptek, LlamaZOO collab delivers data in 3-D Maptek, LlamaZOO collab delivers data in 3-D Maptek, LlamaZOO collab delivers data in 3-D

The collaborative partnership could deliver advanced data visualisation in 3-D and VR

Staff Reporter

LlamaZOO Interactive is a studio developing 3-D interactive data visualisation solutions for enterprise and industry 4.0. The company specialises in centralising disparate spatial datasets and making the information actionable for all stakeholders through real-time engaging 3D and VR/AR.

Maptek stakeholders within customer networks will be able to interact with their spatial data in high-resolution 3-D, in a format typically only seen with high-end videogames, but with actionable real-world data.

"At Maptek we're all about building on our legacy of innovative approaches to how customers interact with their technical and operational mine models," said Maptek core technologies product manager Chris Green.

"The collaboration with LlamaZOO exemplifies our support of initiatives that really make a difference to industry.

"Imagine viewing live data, such as trucks and shovels, loaded train cars and material stockpiles, in real time. Displaying real-time grade control data over scheduling activities provides critical information in context.

"Live and interactive simulation of scenarios via a digital twin of the real mining environment can provide surprising insights. Virtually a risk-free mode for decision-making."

LlamaZOO leverages developing and creating interactive 3-D experiences from the gaming industry to solve real-world problems. LlamaZOO MineLife VR fuses complex geospatial and mine planning data with IoT data into an interactive, life-sized virtual replica of the planned, current and future states of a mine site.

"Users can explore an entire operation from source to port or facility, see hypothetical scenarios and real-time data, create a variety of presentation media such as 360-degree images, flight paths and export these to other more traditional media access points such as web," said LlamaZOO CEO Charles Lavigne.

"Integrating this capability with the artificial intelligence and machine learning development Maptek is already undertaking synthesises digital data into a powerful, enterprise-level solution."