Pöyry, Infosys introduce AI framework

Engineering company Pöyry and IT service provider Infosys have released the Krti 4.0 artificial intelligence (AI) framework, which has been designed to overcome complex and expensive lifecycle management challenges faced by industry, utilities and infrastructure organisations across operational technology (OT) systems
Pöyry, Infosys introduce AI framework Pöyry, Infosys introduce AI framework Pöyry, Infosys introduce AI framework Pöyry, Infosys introduce AI framework Pöyry, Infosys introduce AI framework

According to Pöyry and Infosys, Krti 4.0 makes pervasive and secure industrial IoT connectivity real across all levels of the enterprise

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: The Krti 4.0 model-based data-driven framework applies AI, cognitive/machine learning and machine-to-machine (M2M) capabilities to the industrial environment. The applied methodology identifies critical enterprise systems and assets and provides a deeper understanding of their behaviour to unlock and create new value for customers, the companies said.

Krti 4.0 is designed to reduce system maintenance costs and expensive operation shutdowns, and improve reliability, as well as employee and environmental safety.

The framework incorporates the Pöyry RAMS (reliability, availability, maintainability, safety) methodology, which defines the criticality of every asset contributing to the functioning of OT systems. Infosys' Nia knowledge-based AI platform executes complex, advanced analytics and machine-learning models, exchanging information with the RAMS model to identify any inherent risk in operations of the overall system.

Krti 4.0's open and intuitive M2M interface makes it possible to connect with different OT systems for collecting data.

To arm decision-makers with real-time knowledge on the best and the most effective operating and maintenance options for their OT systems, Krti 4.0 uses predictive and prescriptive analytics within acceptable risk levels.

Through Krti 4.0's real-time dashboards, decision-makers have in-depth intelligence about their assets globally across the enterprise. For plant managers, Krti 4.0's RAMS modelling capabilities allow for scenario building, enabling the continuous operational improvement of the systems. For maintenance technicians, Krti 4.0's augmented reality and chatbot functionality can minimise repair times.

Richard Pinnock, president, Energy Business Group at Pöyry, said: "Our Krti 4.0 framework using RAMS modelling methodology puts the Pareto principle's 80/20 rule at the heart of the decision-making process.

"We know the criticality of each part of the asset and focus our data collection strategy and analytical predictive capabilities where it matters most. In Krti 4.0 real-time data from critical assets is converted to information with innovative computing and business intelligent algorithms enabling proactive prescriptive decision making. This is the difference."

Nitesh Bansal, senior vice president and global head of engineering services, Infosys, commented: "In today's highly competitive and digital world, our clients need to leverage their existing assets to create tangible ROI within a short period of time.

"Our IoT services are focused on impacting both their top line and bottom line, leveraging our capabilities to remote-monitor products and assets, prevent breakdowns, and analyse data to optimise performance across the entire production system. Having this view into how products and assets operate is not just key to improving their efficiency but also to ensuring security along with legal and regulatory compliance."