acQuire unveils GIM Suite 4

Australian firm acQuire has released GIM Suite 4, its newest geoscience management software solution, which allows companies to have a more streamlined experience
acQuire unveils GIM Suite 4 acQuire unveils GIM Suite 4 acQuire unveils GIM Suite 4 acQuire unveils GIM Suite 4 acQuire unveils GIM Suite 4

The Arena component of GIM Suite 4

The release has a brand new web-based interface that consolidates capabilities that previously were spread across different areas of the software component, Neo Desktop and Neo Web (available in earlier versions), and also builds upon those capabilities. GIM Suite 4 now has a pair of software components, acQuire 4 and Arena, to offer greater visibility for users.

Also with the new interface, database managers and end users can now configure sophisticated interfaces and directly work with complex geoscience data in a web environment.

The release also has significant improvements outside the interface, particularly creating scaled log reports. The reports, which can also be printed, can be created in a number of formats to meet various industry and statutory requirements.

GIM Suite 4, the company added, does continue to build upon acQuire's mature third-party technology program while also unveiling new software integrations; for example, enhanced web-based integration with Coreshed gives users improved ways to view core imagery in scaled logs.

"Customers can also integrate sensor data from IMDEXHUB-IQ, a software product developed by technology partner, IMDEX Limited," the company explained; the secure IMDEXHUB-IQ cloud-based database provides data access from a range of sub-surface instrumentation, analytical instruments and mobile form data inputs.

The sensor data that's generated can flow directly into GIM Suite 4, which results in a fast, transparent exchange of data, and with consistent, rich metadata at the heart of the transfer, gaining chain of custody information is simple.

"We're excited to introduce the Arena interface into GIM Suite 4," director of product Steve Mundell said.

"By developing new, advanced functionality in the web environment, our latest release is an important step on our technology roadmap journey to the mine of the future.

"More complex deposits are requiring smarter mining, and geoscience data can inform optimisations elsewhere in the mining value chain … GIM Suite 4 makes geoscience data more accessible and visible to help drive these optimisations."

acQuire, which has five offices globally, offers customer support centres for its users in each major time zone.