A new strategy for Dassault, BHP

Dassault Systèmes and miner BHP are now in a long-term strategic partnership to bring together their respective experience and resources to apply digital technologies to mining
A new strategy for Dassault, BHP A new strategy for Dassault, BHP A new strategy for Dassault, BHP A new strategy for Dassault, BHP A new strategy for Dassault, BHP

BHP's Olympic Dam complex

The pair said that they are seeking to unlock value by bringing the technologies of other industries and apply them to geoscience and resource engineering. Additionally, the partnership is targeting the development of a new level of understanding of resource and operational potential - bolstered by mining companies' dedication to safety as well as sustainability.

The exact length of the partnership was not disclosed, nor was a timeline for any deliverables. However, Dassault vice chairman and CEO Bernard Charlès noted that both it and BHP have a shared ambition and vision for mining in the new millennium.

"By digitalising all operations from planning to exploitation, our 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides the full ‘digital twin experience' of the end to end processes; a unique collaborative innovation environment for holistic optimisation," he said.

"This transformational approach provides market agility, improved predictability, sustainable mining innovation, and significant cost reduction all along the life cycle - a proven track record that has transformed the manufacturing industry to date."

Dassault has a footprint both inside and outside of mining, with 250,000 customers of varying size in 140 countries. BHP's presence crosses the US, Australia and South America and encompasses multiple commodities.