Newmont partners with Esri for drone mapping

Location intelligence group Esri and Newmont Corp have partnered to add Site Scan for ArcGIS technology to the miner’s drone workflow tools under its global drone operating model – providing a standardised cloud-based platform to being together and scale its drone operations.
Newmont partners with Esri for drone mapping Newmont partners with Esri for drone mapping Newmont partners with Esri for drone mapping Newmont partners with Esri for drone mapping Newmont partners with Esri for drone mapping

Aerial shot of Newmont drone operators

Newmont's model includes its surface and underground facilities in seven countries, and the operator plans to use Site Scan for ArcGIS alongside ArcGIS Pro for its monitoring and analysis, reclamation reporting and improvement of health and safety initiatives.

Operating technology and business improvement vice president Mike Wundenberg said that drones are an important enabler to maintaining safe and efficient operations.

"Taking a common and consistent approach to how we apply them to capture quality data and then turn that into actionable insight makes a lot of business sense. Partnering with Esri to rapidly deploy Site Scan for ArcGIS across our operations and help further develop the system with our users is an exciting step on our digital journey," he said.

Esri noted that, because Newmont now has standardised procedures based on Site Scan for ArcGIS under its global drone operating model, it can now generate the same 2-D and 3-D mappin and analytics from the imagery - no matter where the mines in its portfolio are located.

Newmont will be able to publish and share its data to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise, making it available company-wide. Before the partnership, its operations were not standardised on any single drone management software solution.

"Site Scan for ArcGIS enables improved decision-making and delivers value for Newmont in monitoring, surveying and mapping these environments. Further, Site Scan for ArcGIS can be used to investigate topography and slope stability at Newmont's mine sites for improved safety as well as to audit mine inventory and area changes," Esri said.

Newmont has already been using the technology at its Boddington, Australia, site for several years, and implemented it at the Peñasquito mine in Zacatecas, Mexico, in October.