CAMESE now MSTA Canada

Industry group the Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export is now being called by a new name, the Mining Suppliers Trade Association (MSTA Canada), with a new service focus
CAMESE now MSTA Canada CAMESE now MSTA Canada CAMESE now MSTA Canada CAMESE now MSTA Canada CAMESE now MSTA Canada

Board, staff and members of the mining service and supply sector celebrate the launch of MSTA CANADA

Staff reporter

The association made the change official September 18 at the TMX Broadcast Centre, just days after coming together to close the markets.

MSTA Canada said the rebranding not only gives it a new look, but also the ability to offer new services to mining supply and services members with which it links business opportunities domestically and internationally.

Among that forthcoming growth: MSTA Canada will work to create enhanced networking opportunities for its membership, also bringing a robust education programme and continuing its market intelligence efforts.

It will also deliver a focused advocacy strategy as part of its plan to provide a unique competitive advantage for members.

“With the volume of change in the sector over the past 35 years, we wanted to ensure our association was laser focused on supporting our members,” managing director Ryan McEachern said.

“Our job is to provide the tools and services they need to help grow their businesses in Canada and around the world.”

The changes, he added, were made as a result of member feedback that a new approach was needed to support members’ business objectives.

“We’ve done just that,” McEachern said. “Our mandate is to help our members grow their businesses. The majority of these companies are small- to medium-sized enterprises who need the kind of support we can provide.”

In its 35-year history, MSTA Canada has compiled a membership from across the industry, including mineral exploration, resource development, mine design and construction, mine operations and refining to reclamation and closure.

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