GCR Mongolia training centre now open

GCR Mongolia, made up of joint venture partners Clough, Gobi Infrastructure Partners and RUC Cementation Mining, has officially opened a training academy in Ulaanbaatar to help boost the skills of the industry workforce
GCR Mongolia training centre now open GCR Mongolia training centre now open GCR Mongolia training centre now open GCR Mongolia training centre now open GCR Mongolia training centre now open

GCR Mongolia's new training academy in Ulaanbaatar has a 130-student capacity

Staff Reporter

Clough officials said the facility, which will upskill more than 800 employee trainees nationally through theory- and practical-based training, will also offer on-the-job experience and certified education for both mining and construction.

With a 130-person capacity, the centre includes three lecture rooms, one e-learning area with computers and nine practical training showcase facilities. More than 30 expatriate professionals will provide training, skills and knowledge transfer and instruction for working safely.

The facility also has outdoor practical training facilities, including areas for shotcrete and formwork, mucking trainers, slow sinking, working at heights, scaffolding, single-arm jumbo training, rigging, and hotworks including oxy, welding and grinding.

"Through the GCR Training Academy, all employees will receive the relevant theoretical and practical training to ensure they have the awareness, knowledge and tools to manage inherent risks that are common within mining and construction," the company added.

GCR Mongolia already has had a successful tender for the 3A underground material-handling system and 6B sinking of shafts 3 and 4 at the Oyu Tolgoi underground project. It was that work that allowed for the building and opening of the new training academy.

The facility will bring that full circle by providing all individuals entering the centre with the education, occupationally directed skills and safety training needed to be part of the Oyu Tolgoi underground project.

"By doing this, we will increase the opportunities for our employees to use their transferable skills and knowledge on other regional or international projects," GCR Mongolia board of directors member Batzorig E said.

"One of the largest problems faced in the mining industry is ensuring workers have the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to ensure their workplace and environment is safe."